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About The Photographer

Hey, I'm Jenn! I'm a New Hampshire native and traveling elopement and wedding photographer. I’ve spent the last six years documenting stories of life and love and can’t imagine doing anything else. I'm a big softie for that Montana skyline, the desert's color palette, and rainy days. I’m all about bad movies, good books, and messy nachos. I believe plans aren’t always necessary and neither are shoes. I'm new to the world of hiking but always looking to improve and dream of rock climbing some day! Every pet I meet is my new best friend, and I'm a hoarder of candles (and t-shirts, for some reason). While there are many beers out there that I genuinely enjoy, I’m pretty sure the world's best brew is the one in my hand. Still curious? Get to know me.

I love capturing genuine, authentic moments and to me they are 1,000 times better than forced, posed photographs. My favorites are the raw ones; the tears driven by the internal whirlwind of love, happiness, peace, and comfort. The moments of nervous hand-squeezing and big bear hugs. The nose-crinkling smiles and loud belly-laughs. These are all moments that we take for granted but should celebrate and remember. Life is so much more than big milestones and paychecks; it’s a whole lot of small gestures, of happy tears, nose-crinkles, and bear hugs.


My couples prefer a relaxed, cozy wedding day with the focus being on their love for each other and for the great outdoors. They aren’t worried about seating charts or making sure the venue is just right-they know the best place to say their vows may not be crammed inside an event hall. They know the mountaintop that took their breath away or the forest where they laid on the ground and gazed up, just drinking in the wonder of it all, is more special than any other place. Epic landscapes, endless skies, and a little adventure are what they’re all about! Sound familiar? If so, then YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!