Cultivating connections with my couples is vital so that on your wedding day I am more than just your photographer; I’m your friend, too. I want to hear your engagement story, family histories, and the special memories you’ve shared together. I want to know and encourage you and your partner as a couple so that I can document your day and tell your story authentically. After all, these aren’t just photographs; these are the visual transcript of one of the most important moments of your life with the people you love the most!

Before I hop in my car and race over to start documenting, I'm going to need a little more info first; it's only fair to expect that you'll need some, too. Here's the scoop on the photography I offer as well as the starting costs. If you have any specific questions that I didn't address, make sure to ask on my contact form!


I'm an elopement, wedding, and adventure portrait photographer; elopements and weddings are pretty straight forward, but what falls under 'adventure portraits sessions?' Adventure portrait sessions are anything from a private vow-renewal to senior portraits to a session where where you and I (optional: add significant other, family member(s), pet, bestie, etc) pick a place to go and take portraits outdoors. Normally this involves some kind of activity-hiking to the summit, kayaking, taste-testing a flight at that cool new microbrew; anything other than going to a nice park and standing around to take traditional forced-smile, stiffly-posed photographs.

The outdoor exercise isn't necessary, either-there's a lot that can fall under the word 'adventure,' and this is about you-so tell me what that means to you and I'll be there. You'd rather bar hop downtown? Let's head out and capture some epic urban vibes. Your and your significant other love to cook? Invite me over for dinner and I'll capture some seriously sweet, intimate moments in a place where you already feel comfortable together. (Can you get more authentic than that?) Locations and activities are totally up to you to decide, though if you need some ideas I'm happy to help! Adventure sessions are great for my couples so we can explore together and nurture our relationship before the big day, but they're also great solo-portrait sessions for entrepreneurs who want to be more present in their brand. Have questions? Just ask!


Every event, celebration, and story is different-if someone is planning an elopement ten minutes from where I live, the price is going to be a little different than if I'm crossing six state lines (but I love to travel, so don't be shy if you're on the other side of the country... Or the world). I've got some basic package samples pre-assembled and you'll get alllll the details after you reach out; if you're just looking for a ballpark, keep on reading!